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“Get a coach and you will never stop improving"

- Andy Stanley, The Next Generation Leader



If you’re a Youth Pastor, you need a coach.

You need someone who has walked the road you’re walking.

You need someone to encourage and equip you to give your students the best version of you.

As your coach, that's what I'll do. I will help you see your potential, develop your skills, and reach your goals.




What others are saying...

"As a coach, Trevor is consistent, invested, and intentional with every conversation. He makes you feel like he's in the room with you, grinding out ideas, and wrestling through any issues as a partner in ministry. When you work with Trevor, you will start to see the results you've been hoping for in your life and ministry." -Kyle Holder, UMC Youth Pastor and Worship Leader


"Thank you for everything you've done. The lessons that I've learned from you are extremely valuable. There's no doubt that I've become a better youth pastor. Three months ago we had 50 students. Last week we had 70!" - J.J. Lane, Student Pastor at Westside Family Church


"Dr. Trevor Hamaker is one of the most dynamic teacher-leaders I know. He has revitalized our school chapels to a point where students actively talk about what was presented in the hallways between classes. It has been a blessing working with him and watching the difference he makes in our students and their families." -Dr. Mike Bedosky, High School Principal, Landmark Christian School


How does coaching work?

We will use the GROW Model of Coaching to clarify your areas of focus, define your goals, assess your current reality, explore your viable options, and create a practical way forward.



This happens during one 60-minute Zoom session each week. Plus, you'll also receive the full Better Youth Ministry Playbook (600+ pages of actionable strategies), access to the Better Youth Ministry Coaching Vault (filled with training videos and resources), and unlimited email support so you're never stuck wondering what you should do next. I'm walking with you every step of the way!


I'll let Super Mario illustrate the process for you...


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My Specialties:

Resources. From administrative templates to games to message series, I can connect you with resources to immediately take your ministry to the next level.

Strategy. Some things create more impact and more results than others. I can help you discover what’s holding you back and how to move forward.

Growth. Every ministry I've led has tripled in size. I will share the key components of my system with you and help you implement them in your own context.

Volunteers. Your ministry will only be as good as the leaders around you. I can help you recruit, train, and inspire your volunteers.

Communication. How you say what you say is important. I can help you craft compelling messages that get students to respond.

Personal Development. You want to stay in ministry for the long haul. I can help you be more productive while finding the balance that will keep you from burning out.





During the 30-minute Ministry Growth Strategy Call, you'll discover...

 The single biggest reason why ministries stop growing and how one simple switch can turn things around.

 The 2 questions every youth pastor should ask before planning their next program. Hint: Parents ask these questions when their kids get in the car.

The fastest way to get more volunteers on your team so you can focus on your areas of strength.

 The simplest way to see more of your students inviting more of their friends to your ministry.

The surprisingly effective suggestion you can make at the end of your message to get students to respond every week. It's so simple, but so powerful!


You'll walk away knowing what your next steps are and how to move your ministry forward. Plus, because I appreciate action-takers, I'll also send you the complete Better Youth Ministry Scorecard ($49 value) after the call so you can identify key areas for improvement.




Don't take my word for it...

"When I'm stuck and trying to sort out the next move, Trevor is the first person I call. His background in real-world ministry mixed with high-level academic understanding make his counsel both insightful and practical. I don't know a better thinker or minister with as much passion as Trevor shows for me personally and the church globally. The time I spend with him is always valuable." -Ben Robbins, Worship Pastor, LifeBridge Church


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