13 Places to Find Youth Ministry Games Your Students Will Love

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You know how important it is to have fun in youth ministry. Helping students have fun at church is not an optional add-on; it’s part of the standard package. I would even say that helping students have fun at church is one of your highest priorities as a youth pastor.

The reason is simple:

If there’s not an element of fun, students won’t come.

One of the best ways to create a culture of fun is to have a great game for your students every week. The game can be a mixer that includes everyone, or an upfront game that only includes a few students. Either way, the game needs to be engaging, exciting, and fun.

How Do I Come Up with Games for Students?

One of the youth pastors I coach recently asked me how I come up with the games I use at my church. I don’t know about you, but I’m not creative enough to come up with those kinds of games on my own every week. Fortunately, through the years I’ve bookmarked some great sites and jotted down some helpful ideas that have made planning games a lot of fun!

I gave that youth pastor a list of 13 places to find games his students will love. Now I want to share them with you, along with the best game that I’ve used from each of them.

The Best 13 Places to Find Youth Ministry Games

1. DownloadYouthMinistry.com
Top Pick: Gears and Exploding Kittens

2. FunNinja.org
Top Pick: Dueling Unicorns

3. StuMinGames.com
Top Pick: Snap, Krackle, Pop

4. YouthMin.org
Top Pick: Hmm and Hmm (musical version of Reverse Charades)

5. CrowdControlGames.com
Top Pick: Beat the Clock

6. YouthGroupCollective.com
Top Pick: Dance Your Hat and Gloves Off

7. YouthLeaderStash.com
Top Pick: Honey Boo Boo Breath

8. YouthWorkinIt.com
Top Pick: Girl Scout Cookie Race

9. Jimmy Fallon
Top Pick: Egg Russian Roulette

10. Ellen
Top Pick: 5-Second Rule

11. Minute to Win It
Top Pick: Matchmaker

12. Hollywood Game Night
Top Pick: Back to Back

13. Rhett and Link
Top Pick: Will It Taco?

There you have it. The Big List of 13 places to find youth ministry games your students will love. I hope it saves you some time and helps your students have a lot of fun!


Where do you think is the best place to find youth ministry games?

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Trevor Hamaker (DMin, McAfee School of Theology) is an author, adjunct professor, and youth ministry coach. He helps youth pastors see their potential, develop their skills, and reach their goals.

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