How to Make Your Youth Ministry Room Better (Fixing Four of the Most Common Problems I've Seen)
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If you’re a youth pastor, you want to create an awesome space for students to gather. And that’s a good thing because the room where students meet is important!

For new students, it’s part of the first impression they’re forming about your ministry. For your existing students, it’s part of the lasting impression that sticks with them after they graduate.

But there are four problems that I see all the time when I’m coaching youth pastors and we talk about their youth room.

The Four Most Common Youth Ministry Room Problems

1. The room is too big.

2. The room is too bright.

3. The room is too busy.

4. The room is too boring.

In this video, I share practical tips for how you fix these problems and make your youth ministry space better with minimal effort! Take a look and see what you think…

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Trevor Hamaker (DMin, McAfee School of Theology) is an author, adjunct professor, and youth ministry coach. He helps youth pastors see their potential, develop their skills, and reach their goals.

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