Heads or Tails: The Coin Flip Challenge

Heads or Tails: The Coin Flip Challenge

This might be the perfect youth ministry game
and that’s not an exaggeration!

Here’s why:

• It’s simple
(All you need is a quarter to play!)

• It’s easy
(There aren’t any complicated rules to explain!)

• It’s active
(Students are standing up and playing along!)

• It’s inclusive
(Everyone has a chance to play and win!)

•It’s unpredictable
(The outcome is completely random every time!)

Instructions slide for Coin Flip Challenge

What’s included?

• 1 Title Slide
• 1 Instructions Slide
• 1 Heads Slide
• 1 Tails Slide
• 1 Powerpoint File

Here’s how you can use this game:

Option 1: Include everyone in a game of Face Off. Students choose their answer while the coin is being flipped. Whoever gets it wrong is out. If you want the game to last longer, you say have three strikes before they’re out.

Option 2: Upfront game that involves selected students and/or volunteers

What are you waiting for?

Students ask me to keep mixing this game in every month because it’s so engaging! I’m sure your students will do the same. It’s a ton of fun!

Prize Idea:

Give the winner a roll of quarters!

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