Finding Your Own Chazown

Finding Your Own Chazown

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What’s a chazown?

Craig Groeschel, pastor at Life.Church, wrote a book called Chazown (pronounced khaw-zone).

Have you heard of it?

The title comes from the Hebrew word for “vision,” as in, “Where there is no vision (chazown), the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18).

In the book, Groeschel explains that there are 5 important parts of your life:

Your relationship with God.
Your relationships with others.
Your financial health.
Your physical health.
Your life’s work.


He says, “Where there is no Chazown – no dream, no revelation, no vision, no sense of our created purpose – we perish.”

As a new year begins, I want to share a self-inventory tool that he provides in the book.

Note any of the following that are true for you:


I feel distant from God.
I don’t spend much time praying or reading the Bible.
I’m inconsistent in my relationship with God.
I struggle with doubts about God.
I am not involved in a church. (Attending only occasionally is not being involved.)


I’m in one or more painful or destructive relationships.
I often feel lonely.
In few (or none) of my relationships am I helping others draw closer to Christ, nor are they doing that for me.
I do not have a mentor.
I fear intimacy.


I carry credit card balances from month to month.
I feel financially hindered from doing some things God wants me to do.
I’m often worried about finances.
If I didn’t have income for one month, I couldn’t pay my bills.
I’m not tithing 10 percent of my income to God.


I’m often tired and worn down.
I struggle with sexual promiscuity, smoking, or drug or alcohol abuse.
I haven’t had a physical in years.
I don’t exercise regularly.
I think the four basic food groups are Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and KFC.


I feel little or no passion about my work.
I dream about doing something different.
I don’t think my work has much, if anything, to do with God.
My gifts and my passions are underutilized.
I don’t have a clue what I need to do with this part of life.

The categories in which you marked the most statements are the ones you might consider giving priority attention this year.

Even if you didn’t mark any of those statements, it would still be a good idea to create a Personal Growth Plan for the new year in each of those 5 areas.

Your Move

It’s a simple process:
Step 1: Write down a description of your current reality.
Step 2: Write down a vision for what you would like to see at the end of the year.
Step 3: Write down small action steps that will close the gap.

Do these steps for each area and you’ll have your very own Personal Growth Plan to fulfill your chazown in 2016!

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Trevor Hamaker (DMin, McAfee School of Theology) is an author, adjunct professor, and youth ministry coach. He helps youth pastors see their potential, develop their skills, and reach their goals.

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