Narrative Apologetics - Alister McGrath (book review)

Book Review: Narrative Apologetics (Alister E. McGrath)

In Narrative Apologetics, Alister McGrath has written a good introduction to help readers introduce others to the greatest story ever told.

What a Youth Pastor Can Learn From an Undercover Billionaire

What a Youth Pastor Can Learn from an Undercover Billionaire

The most recent reality-business show that caught my attention was Undercover Billionaire on Discovery Channel. I was hooked from the start. In this post, I share 7 ideas I picked up along the way that can help your ministry.

Should You Care About Effectiveness in Youth Ministry

Should You Care About Effectiveness in Youth Ministry?

I was sitting at the table, surrounded by a cohort of fellow doctoral students, when the conversation turned to the question of effectiveness.  One of the pastors in the cohort was talking about his thesis project. He was leading his congregation through a building campaign that would allow them to do ministry more effectively in the […]

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