Sacred Pathways for Student Pastors

Sacred Pathways for Student Pastors

I live in Atlanta, but unlike most people who live around me, I’m not a big college football fan. I’ll watch a few games every season but that’s mostly just to have something to say when the conversation turns in that direction. However, I noticed that Mac Brown returned to the University of North Carolina to be […]

How to Grow Your Youth Group: Four Simple Strategies

The early Christian movement spread because the first Christians didn’t close themselves off from non-Christians. Perhaps that might also be the key to growing your youth group in today’s post-Christian culture.

First Things First (don't promote your ministry before you're ready)

First Things First (Don’t Promote Your Ministry Before You’re Ready)

Before you ask your students to invite all of their friends, get your place in order and create an environment where students who show up for the first time will want to come back a second time.

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