What to Do When Your Students Lose Interest in Your Online Ministry

The early excitement and sense of adventure have gone away. That’s true for youth pastors, volunteers, and students alike. But there are still some things you can do to make the most of this time. Here’s 6 ideas for you…

Don't Make These Mistakes When You Send Gift Cards to Your Youth Ministry Volunteers

Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Send Gift Cards to Your Volunteers

You want to show your amazing volunteers that you appreciate them, but if you make these mistakes your good intentions might backfire.

Why do girls want to be witches? Considering the appeal of Wicca for Christian students

Why Do Girls Want to be Witches? Considering the Appeal of Wicca for Christian Students

There are more Wiccans than Presbyterians in the United States today. This post considers its appeal for teenage Christian girls and offers a response that points back to Christ.

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