Western Theology: Pioneer or Settler?

In 1973, Wes Seeliger, an Episcopal Priest, wrote and illustrated a book called Western Theology. I had never heard of it until another student in my doctoral cohort mentioned it in one of our round table discussions. I was intrigued, so I bought a copy to check it out. After reading it, I’m convinced that […]

7 Helpful Tips for Your Next Hospital Visit as a Pastor

7 Helpful Tips for Your Next Hospital Visit

Through all of my trips to the hospital to visit people as a pastor, there are a few things I’ve learned that I believe will help you accomplish your reason for being there.

Narrative Apologetics - Alister McGrath (book review)

Book Review: Narrative Apologetics (Alister E. McGrath)

In Narrative Apologetics, Alister McGrath has written a good introduction to help readers introduce others to the greatest story ever told.

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